Production (Food and Industry)
We supply experienced workers to the food processing industry. Whether it is in production or packaging, our people know the importance of working according to the highest hygienic standards. You will also find our workers doing production and packaging jobs outside of the food industry. They are employed for routine jobs and processes, as well as specialist assignments. They work fast and precise.

Do you need professional and experienced logistics workers? We supply order pickers and packers, and can also supply certified drivers for your material handling equipment, such as forklifts, reach trucks, and man-ups. Our people work fast and precise and will make sure your customers will get their orders on time.

(Greenhouse) horticulture
Our labor migrants live and work mainly in West Brabant, Zeeland and the Westland region. It is where they do what they do best: simple and routine work. They harvest and package tomatoes, cucumbers, onions or are topping and twisting peppers. You can also find them hard at work plucking fruits when it’s the busy harvesting season.