About us

Prologreen is an aggregation of three words:
Pro, which stands for Production
Lo, which stands for Logistics
Green, which stands for (Greenhouse) Horticulture and Agriculture

The Prologreen Foundation is an intermediary between labor migrants, employment agencies,
payroll parties and employers. Unemployed job-seeking migrant workers can join
Register the Prologreen Foundation.

Willem, a Dutch entrepreneur, has more than ten years of experience in the labor market. In recent years, Willem has found that in some cases, less and less desirable living and working conditions prevail. That’s why Prologreen founded it.
Willem: “Mutual respect and agreement are the most important core values ​​of the agreement

Vivien Sarkanti came to the Netherlands in 2012 as a labor migrant.
For the migrant workers who go to work via Prologreen, she is looking for a suitable company
where they can gain work experience. In many cases we offer school opportunities. Vivien started as a tomato picker so she knows like no other how hard is for labor migrants to building a future.